My sister recently began her first foray into online art commissions, and I’d really like to help her out because I guess I love her and I already missed my chance to give her to the goblin king so this is better than nothing. (They grow up so fast…)

Seriously, I am really proud of her and the dedication she’s put into becoming a better artist. Sometimes I’ll just sit and stare at her while she scribbles away on her tablet, until she gives me a side eye and asks “problem, bro?” or something better comes on the TV.

Anyway! If you are at all interested in what you see, you can find her commission information and pricing here as well as her main DA page here. Aside from being a talented artist, she is really sweet and puts a lot of care into the art she does whether it’s something for herself, a friend, or a stranger. She usually works pretty fast, too.

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