(a lot of them)

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Target had so many Catty Noir dolls leftover from Christmas that today they were on sale for $7, and the playsets were $11 ;__; If you have a Target near you I would say visit that within the month because that’s probably how long it’ll take them to sell off their Catty Noirs.

(pics yo)

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If you follow my sims blahg you know I’m leaving tomorrow to go collect simbol from Florida and will be back (hopefully) sometime Sunday. I am finally replying to stuff so I can get on the plane ~guilt free~ and will happily take entertainment suggestions for our 15+ hour drive back. (except from strange)

I put some stuff in my queue (TSW only, I think) to make it feel like I’m still here, mucking everything up.

I am very nervous and excited! :)

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I left it running while I was at work, this is my legacy. ;__;

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Replies to the thing & re-reading my post I feel like I should mention I’m not suicidal, I’m just a dumb. When I think “man what if I just died” it’s always some really random ass way purely to sate the need of my brain’s “poor u” mindset.

I apologize if I appeared so blasé on a subject that serious.

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seemssostrange replied to your post: seemssostrange replied to…

Boyfriend says it worked fine when he rebooted (which also probably killed whatever processes were keeping it from working).

It must be something else on my end then because rebooting did nothing. I don’t know why the port option that has always been checked would suddenly malfunction but as long as it’s working who am I to question?

seemssostrange replied to your post: Can anybody help me with …

My boyfriend has the same issue. We don’t know what’s up, but it’s definitely not just you.

I seemed to have fixed it… hopefully. It appears to be working okay now. I had to turn off the “use ports 800 and 400 something” and then delete the shared.xml file from the app data.

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I fell asleep halway through reading that, that’s how interesting it was.


And yet you still attempted to read it.

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