Me, scrolling through my misc. decor: I can't find the floor blanket thing
Simbol: do you mean a rug

Getting your boyfriend to take a nice picture is a real pain in the butt sometimes.

Thanks again everyone for your support during the-bad-thing-that-happened. I’m okay now and thought I’d share some pictures of simbolism's visit last month!

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The Jazz Hands Prance, otherwise known as “how the fuck do you run like a capable human being”

Going to ship our characters so hard it creates a tsunami in a third world country.

Morgan, about a game I haven’t even downloaded yet.

A tagged-ma-thinger!

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We want YOU… to strike a kawaii anime pose.

We want YOU… to strike a kawaii anime pose.

fekbenn replied to your postSo, uh. The plumbing downstairs keeps fucking up…

your house is being haunted by the ghosts of poos past. Who ya gonna call? POO BUSTERS.

I’m just gonna open with this.

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simbolism replied to your photo: I was sad, so I started drawing. I don’t want to…

can I have it or